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 Salt Deacon’s Meeting

October meeting 2022


Old News:

Discussed locks on doors to add additional security.

Men’s group would like aTV.

New Discussion:


Christmas is on a Sunday this year. The Children’s team will NOT have Sunday school, nursery, or children’s church on Christmas day.


Mom’s group, will begin soon. (need to work out specific details. Chris Gernovich and Sandy Henderson have agreed to lead. Friday mornings.


Sandy would like to reserve November 20th for the 3rd annual Pie Auction. (cleared the date with Erika on church calendar)


Old News:

Fiscal Team needs to add an extra member.

Children’s team to also add additional members to team.

Discussed locks on doors to add additional security.

Men’s group would like aTV.


Ask Greg about information on posting a gospel message on the Kitchen Village sign on Route 6.​

Deacon Christmas Party to be held on December 10th. (white elephant, appetizers, decorations, games/activities.

Discussed bathroom issues- make sure we pick up after using RR. (announce/reminder to church to take care when using.

Jim Sorenson- Reminders: Locks on down stairs classrooms and Kitchen doors need completed.

Website: Danielle needs to receive new information to add to website. Discussed the possibility of Erika forwarding that to Danielle. 

Discussed/reviewed  Providing  lessons for children with praise and worship. (Sandy will meet with children’d ministry on looking for curriculum for (Kids praise and Worship). Tali and Sandy will meet with Joel on this also.



  • voted to invite Jesse Barber as a Deacon


  • Any group using facility (ex. girl scouts) is required to clean up area after use


  • Shelia Parker was asked about adding shelving to food pantry room and she loved the idea.


  • Jim will speak to Matt Hughes about mopping the kitchen area weekly. He will also ask about cleaning up pews.

  • Thyme will pick up gift basket/encouragement ministry


  • David Morrison- Spoke on possibilities to consider for church Safety and Security- 


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