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Salt Church is constantly changing.  Most of our ministries are done in short bursts in order to stay fresh and active. On this page we are listing the ministries we offer, but make sure you check out the events page in order to stay current and aware of all of the different activities offered. 

Deacon Team

Our deacons are constantly on the look out for people who need an extra touch from Jesus.  Intercessory prayer, altar ministry, home and hospital visits, are just a few of the things our deacons are passionate about.  If you would like to connect with our deacons for any reason please email Pastor Al and he will help make that happen.

Children's Ministry Team

Our Children's ministry team help us to teach our most precious commodity, our children.  Jesus said, let the little children come unto me; for such is the kingdom of heaven.  Each week we have a team dedicated to helping our little ones mature in the Lord.

Outreach Team

The outreach team loves our community and desires for each one to come near to Jesus.  How can we reach the community in which we live.  We have dedicated a whole ministry team to seek the Lord and follow His direction.

Women's Ministry

Our women love to get together!  Sometimes it's fellowship and sometime's it's more purposeful.  Either way join in on what God is doing with our women of faith.

Worship Team

This church loves to worship Jesus.  We believe that we should all worship Jesus with all of our strength, with all of our mind, and with all of our hearts.  Experience a worship night with is or come for a regular service and forget about everything else and simply worship Jesus.

Circular Library
Bible Study

As with most churches, the Bible is very important for our daily nourishment from the Lord.  On Wednesday nights we have a long standing Bible study at the Pastors House.  The only requirement is an open heart to receive the heavenly seed. 

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