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Silhouette of Cross Against Sky



  August 2023

  1. Brick tuck pointing will take place this month

  2. Discussion held about possibility of paving the parking lot

  3. Dr. Kevin Leman will be here August 12-13

  4. August 27 is dedicated to sending off the Youth to school this year

  5. Council is praying about the possibility of putting a billboard on RT 6


June 2023

  1.  New projectors bought and ​installed

  2. Leadership discussed and is praying about ministry school opportunities.

  3. Prayer will begin taking place 1 hour everyday

  4. Heaven Come Down Conference

    1. Saturday workshop has been added with Randy Gernovich​

  5. Missions

    1. Team is looking into new fundraising strategies​

    2. Sending 2 to Ukraine in July

    3. Planning a trip to Liberia in October

  6. Brick Repair will be taking place for the Church

    1. Sandstone will also be sealed​

  7. New doors and locks have been installed in the kitchen.

    1. door has been ordered for children church area​

  8. Arms room needs to be cleaned out

    1. All teams meeting will be held to discuss

  9. Purchase of 4, 6 foot tables and 1 box of folding chairs 

    1. these are for outside church use​



  1. Missions report was given to the team in regards to who Outreach is supporting

  2. Presentation was made by Chuck Brink requesting building usage for Amateur Radio Operators Club

  3. Council voted that any member added to deacon team would also be added to the Council

  4. Motion to point damage bricks of the church was passed. Work will be completed by Myers Construction

  5. Livestream will only take place for the sermon for now

  6. Young Adult Ministry will be started up soon

April 2023

  1. It was suggested we start a capital funds campaign to raise money for different repairs of the Church property​

  2. A schedule of all services was decided upon, this will include a timer on the back wall to facilitate that.

  3. Discussed potentially supporting certain missions groups

    1. This discussion was tabled for the time being​

  4. Discussion held on starting a school of discipleship 

February 2023

  1. Will look at safety suggestions presented by David and will meet at another time about them

  2. Bathrooms in basement have been designed and approved and will be worked on this month

  3. Was voted on to help fund Brock’s pastoral education

  4. The Current Outreach team has decided to dissolve, but current duties they hold will be overseen by the deacons but continued to be carried out by those who are currently leading them, I.E. pantry, baskets, funerals etc. 

  5. Thyme will now handle “gifts of encouragement” and “baskets”

  6. Former Outreach team budget will be absorbed by Salt Reach Team for local outreach

  7. Jean Powles and Penny Hetrick will continue to oversee funeral dinners finances will come from general fund as needed.

  8. Life Groups will start back first full week of march, potentially a second round to follow in April 


  1. Financial Report​

    1. Pastor Al will help define and clarify the role of fiscal team

    2. Council decisions will be sent directly to Erika after each meeting

  2. Bathrooms in basement

    1. Partitions purchased

    2. Discussion held about remodeling bathrooms

      1. Leveling floors

      2. Paint

      3. Fixing and hiding pipes

      4. Discussion held to hire Nate Myers’s for 2 days to do the work

      5. Chris, Sandy, Tali, Patty will make the design decisions

      6. No purchase made yet

  3. Schedule all teams meeting

    1. Date to be determined

  4. Bulletins

    1. Discussion held about phasing out bulletins. (No decision made)

    2. Discussion held about developing a phone app

  5. Men’s Group

    1. Additional group being formed 2 times a month in the mornings at Joels coffee shop

  6. Randy Trythall will have a ten minute slot when he returns from Zambia to give an update

  7. Breath womens group will be starting soon (To be announced)

December 2022

Pastor Al-

1. Discussion was held on who we are as a Church


1. Partitions were purchased for downstairs restrooms

2. Further renovations on basement restrooms to come

Sozo Ministry-

1. Booked until January


1. Fascia has been fixed

2. Signs have been built


1. Tickets will be purchased for pastors to attend black tie gala to support The Camp At Findley

2. Right now media has been donated to the church to utilize for discipleship and ministries within the church, Brock Henderson will announce to church.


November 2022


1. Missions loan to Romania trip has been paid in full

2. Donation was given to the church for a project of our choice and a proposal for new church signs was made

              A. Quote for signs: $1,085

              B. Vote to move forward with signs: All in favor


1. Steves seamless gutters is supposed to come fix downspouts on the building

2.Proposal to paint drylock sealant on areas of building where water is seeping through the brick- Passed

3. Proposal to rent lift and fix the damaged fascia- Passed


1. Job description for worship pastor discussed

              A. Pastor Robert Corey has been placed as the new worship pastor, effective immediately

2. Proposal to remove the back pews to encourage children to worship and not congregate in the back section of the church

3. Sandy Henderson will go to the children's ministry to discuss curriculum for children worship

Sozo Ministry-

1. Team is partnering with Vanguard Church in buffalo for oversight and training resources

October 2022


1. Sound professional hire to fix sound issues, work day was completed to prepare for this.

2. Robert was Nominated to oversee the worship team

3. Worship team had decided to start hosting monthly worship nights

Chris Gernovich-

1.Nursery workers needed for new mom's group


1. Church wills till be taking place on Christmas, will be a shortened service

2. Nov 20th is reserved for the Pie auction


1. Fundraising team has been built

2. Goal- Fundraiser every 3 months

3. Approval to start forming an evangelism team

September 2022


August (discussion notes)- Deacons and governing board voted to hire Brock Henderson as an Associate/Youth Pastor. 


A job description has been created and approved by the Governing Council.


July meeting discussed- Refresh with Governing board the 5 Fold ministry (breakfast) today and discussed how it is going (tweak if needed)


It was also discussed to have an all teams meeting follow-up ASAP and share with the leadership/ministries the 5 fold ministry and the Elders vision for it. This is to insure everyone is made aware of the vision for adding breakfast to our service.


We are looking into alternating times for men’s group.


We also voted to donate to the Prison Ministry at a cost of $150.00 dollars per prisoner.  (2 prisoners) this would be a total donation of $300.00.

The governing council was also asked to speak with Children’s ministry team, which tool place on   9-15-22. It was reported that the team is on board with moving forward with children’s worship.  The deacons shared with the children’s ministry team that the deacons would like to see the curriculum before moving forward with the program.  .


Children’s church leaders are very worried about having enough teachers if the classes continue to grow. 


They are planning to restart September 11th.

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