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Colleagues Working Together



● Passed out bracelets and asked people to be intentional about praying for Romania

when they see it. We hope to cover the upcoming trip with prayers for the guys going,

the group they will be working with and the Romanian people. We hope to be a blessing

to them and show Jesus in the best way possible.

● We are preparing for Corry’s First Fridays (May 5th). We are discussing ways to draw in

the community as a fundraiser but also as an opportunity to speak with them about our

goals/mission. We will have brochures available that discuss our mission and has

information about Salt Church

● We have discussed having a “Missions Sunday’ with Pastor Al. Either during breakfast or

the main service we will officially introduce the group to the church. Nate will have just

returned from Romania so he will be updating us on the progress from there. We want

our people to know our mission. We will have cards to pass out for anyone looking for

more information or may be interested in helping at future events.

● An informational meeting will be held shortly after Nate’s return for anyone who is

interested in going to Romania this summer. Possible dates, pricing and other

information will be given at the meeting. We hope to answer any questions people may


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