Children's Race



Fall schedule starts 9-11-22


Discussion about the following:


  1. Questions about the worship lessons for kids

    1. Curriculum

    2. Schedule

    3. Expectations  (i.e. heart of worship)

  2. Worship in sanctuary: kids need to be with their parents/guardians

  3. We believe that parents need to be taught about worship and to be in charge of their kids. Then, teach their kids.

  4. Ideas for separating ages during Fellowship:

    1. Group 1: 4 yrs – 1st grade

    2. Group 2: 2nd -5th grade

    3. Group 1 goes to “lesson” room

    4. Group 2 goes to “game” room

    5. Then switch

    6. We will need more teachers if we want to break up the ages

  1. Ask Veronica about her class: if and when she can start teaching again

  2. Current schedule for Discipleship classes

Pre K – 1st        Hughes’

  1.  Other ideas for  Childrens’ Fellowship:

    1. Play a video some weeks

    2. Ready a story other weeks (Mincrafters Bible)

    3. Provide craft kits as an option during play time – teacher supervised

  2. Should we add another member to the Children’s Ministry Team. 

  3. Work on adding more teachers in preparation of possible changes to the format as noted above in #4.