Silhouette of Cross Against Sky



September 6, 2022


August (discussion notes)- Deacons and governing board voted to hire Brock Henderson as an Associate/Youth Pastor. 


A job description has been created and approved by the Governing Council.


July meeting discussed- Refresh with Governing board the 5 Fold ministry (breakfast) today and discussed how it is going (tweak if needed)


It was also discussed to have an all teams meeting follow-up ASAP and share with the leadership/ministries the 5 fold ministry and the Elders vision for it. This is to insure everyone is made aware of the vision for adding breakfast to our service.


We are looking into alternating times for men’s group.


We also voted to donate to the Prison Ministry at a cost of $150.00 dollars per prisoner.  (2 prisoners) this would be a total donation of $300.00.

The governing council was also asked to speak with Children’s ministry team, which tool place on   9-15-22. It was reported that the team is on board with moving forward with children’s worship.  The deacons shared with the children’s ministry team that the deacons would like to see the curriculum before moving forward with the program.  .


Children’s church leaders are very worried about having enough teachers if the classes continue to grow. 


They are planning to restart September 11th.